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Note: This page is not the guide; The guide is at This page is for giving recommendations of products we should consider for the guide. The items listed here should not be taken as FSF recommendations.

The FSF is working on a giving guide with recommendations of products that respect your freedom. We plan for the guide to cover audio, video and ebooks as well as computers, consumer electronics and software. To get all this information together, we need your help. This group is a place for you to provide your ideas for the buying guide.

Part of the guide is already completed and visible at Some of the products in the guide, including the ones already posted, will be listed with a ">" symbol, showing that they are better for your freedom than another more common product. It's fine to put recommendations in this group without a "lesser" product to go along with them, but if you can think of one, please mention it.

Thanks for helping your fellow FSF members make ethical choices this holiday season. Happy holidays!







(Note: giving someone software might be more inconvenient for that person than if they just got it themself in their preferred way.)

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