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LibrePlanet Ontario
Note ONtario group for free software activists
Region North America
Area Canada
Mailing list
Available language(s) English
Contact Sergio Durigan Junior
Members Rudolf O.
Sergio Durigan Junior
Blaise Alleyne
Bob Jonkman
Current status Active


About Us

The group has been formed to promote the use of Free Software in the communities of Ontario and to support individuals who wish to use or create Free Software. The goals are similar to those of the Free Software Foundation.

Join us

To become a member of the LibrePlanet Ontario Chapter, please


Next Meeting

When: ?? April 2015, 7:30pm

Where: ??

Previous Meetings

Meeting Notes


This is a draft strategy -- feel free to edit!

We have three main areas of focus:

  1. Education/Activism/Advocacy
  2. Community
  3. Services/Support

In all that we do, we need to consider how we are unique from:


Education can be...

  1. Community-focused, inward-facing -- educating ourselves and our community;
    1. There are many people open to the message of software freedom (e.g. developers, people who are already familiar with the open source movement but maybe haven't yet heard about the free software movement, etc.) who need to hear it.
    2. There is much to learn about software freedom for those people already familiar with the movement (e.g. licensing, making a living, privacy/encryption, finding hardware that respects your freedom, etc.)
  2. Public-facing, more outward-facing activism -- educating the public, educating institutions (universities, governments), etc.




Server with hosted free software services for members:

The idea would not be to devote a ton of time and resources to become a hosting provider, but to offer libre network services to members which might not otherwise be accessible to non-sysadmins.


Phase 0: Bootstrapping / Build a Working Prototype

  1. Begin regular monthly meetings
  2. Sketch strategy for the group moving forward
  3. Build up some basic materials (website, mailing list, business cards or postcards, etc.) to use for recruitment

Phase 1: Recruitment

Phase 2: Expansion / Implementation of Other Features

Phase 3: Other Regional Teams


You may reach the team via IRC (see above) or by emailing the discussion list:

You may also contact the team leaders via email:

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