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It has been almost 30 years since the GNU project was started. Nowadays many people use free software, or may have heard of it, but they have not heard or thought about the ethical reasons why it exists. Many people have never thought about the issue of software freedom.

The time is ripe for us to launch a free operating system, GNU, anew, and use it as the centrepiece of a campaign to Spread Freedom.

Use this page to design and organise the campaign. Be specific: set dates, make lists, assign tasks, and clarify ideas.

Note New GNU
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Area WorldWide
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Description A Campaign to Spread Freedom
Current status Active


Campaign Aims


Create a Brand

Consistent language, images, and branding are important to keep an idea memorable and in focus. Let us Spread Freedom (at least) as effectively as the campaign to spread Firefox did so. Let us create a brand (at least) as strong as Ubuntu. Build momentum. We need:

GNU Variants

Libre operating systems already exist. Let us call them "GNU variants" (comparable to Linux distributions) in this campaign to distinguish them as being free as in freedom. To use GNU (be a "GNUser") is to use a free operating system.


This campaign has a deadline: a specific launch date for New GNU in either 2012 or 2013. Using the 30th anniversary of the original GNU launch would be appropriate. Therefore, we must prepare everything now!

Make A Film

This is a potentially good medium for explaining software freedom and why it matters.

Free Gaming

Using a game (or a set of games) to spread a set of ideals is not unheard of; we could use a set of games in this case simply to show that it's possible to be free and have a great time with a cool game. Let's look into FreeDroidRPG in particular, as a game that actually tries to mention free software in the plot. We can also use Minetest (which is a great free competitor to Minecraft), and of course Battle for Wesnoth. We could also use live.linuX-gamers.

Free Social Networks

Switching away from centralised, proprietary social networks (like Facebook or Twitter) to decentralised, libre ones (like Diaspora or Identica) is a potential "gateway drug" to the world of freedom. This may become a separate campaign, or may work effectively with this one.

Network Effect

Because people want to be on the same social networks as their friends, we can organise regular events for groups of friends to all start using a free social network together (and/or stop using a nonfree one).
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