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We will be involved in a 10-week (a single, 1 hour-long session per week) Inkscape course for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, in order to introduce girls to free software. We will be running a pilot after-school program in October-November of 2010. The girls' age group is middle school.

During the course, the girls will learn to use Inkscape to compete in a contest to design a logo for the Girl Scouts' FaB Factor program.

The Inkscape course will be part of the FaB Factor program. The program emphasizes courses have three phases:

From the Girl Scouts' website:

"The program focuses on 4 modules:

Our program is part of the STEM disciplines, specifically 'Fixtures and Bytes' and is meant to give the girls an introduction to the technical sciences.

Volunteer Agreement Document

We need to write up a list of the services we will render for the Girl Scouts - Rachael called this a Memorandum of Understanding document. Here is an example of what this sort of document looks like from the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts' website:

Notes from Rachael

Here is what Rachael told us the document needs to cover:

Volunteer Agreement Document Draft

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts agrees to:

(The following were taken from the example document):

The Free Software Foundation Womens' Caucus and Red Hat, Inc. agrees to:

(The following were taken from the example document):

Other Opportunities with the Girl Scouts

USB Keys

The USB keys are running the Fedora Design Suite, with some minor tweaks. They are created on 2GB USB keys. Roughly 900 MB is the OS; there is a 512 MB persistent overlay for installing applications on top, and there is a 512 MB FAT partition for the girls to store their files (they are accessible if plugged into other operating systems as well.

Here's how to create them:

Creating the ISO Image

You'll need a Fedora system with the livecd-tools package installed. Download the pandix.ks kickstart file and the fedora-live-mini.ks file and run the following script in the same directory:

setarch i686 livecd-creator --config=pandix.ks --fslabel=Fedora --cache=/var/cache/live

Partitioning the USB keys

You'll need the GNOME Disk Utility (palimpsest) to do this. It's a nice GUI tool. It took me only 10 minutes to run through this with 16 keys.

Making the Keys bootable

• rinse & repeat

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