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Please remember that this event is focused on free software, not open source. We have a set of guidelines for speakers, but we ask everyone to be mindful of the power of words and the importance of framing the issues being discussed and worked on in the best possible terms.

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Everyone who attends gets a free t-shirt too


Keysigning Party

A keysigning party is a good way to add credibility to your public GPG key and is an opportunity to extend the "web of trust." We'll be using the "Sassaman-Effluent" method as listed under Resources below. I'll list just the items you need to prepare as a participant. Please consult the references for full details.

If you don't yet have a GPG/PGP it's easy to create one even at the command line. If you already have a key but like me you created it some time ago the keysigning party is a good opportunity to create a new stronger key.

What you need to do before coming to the keysigning party

   gpg --gen-key
   gpg --armor -o dennisk.asc --export dennisk

Of course, you'll use your key name instead.

   gpg --print-md md5 LibrePlanet2010Keysigning.html
   gpg --print-md sha1 LibrePlanet2010Keysigning.html

Please email me your public key by Wednesday evening 7pm Arizona time (-07 hrs UTC) so I can upload the page before I leave for Boston on Thursday morning.

What we'll do during the keysigning party

What you need to do after the keysigning party


  1. Keysigning Party Methods -- The 'Sassaman-Efficient' Method
  2. Web of Trust
  3. PGP -- Pretty Good Privacy
  4. GNU Privacy Guard
  5. MIT PGP Public Key Server
  6. GnuPG Documentation
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