Three days of free software activism


  • Intro to the
    command line
  • Web workshop
  • Inkscape/GIMP
  • Free Network Services
  • Phones workshop
  • Hackspace
  • GNU Hackers Meeting


  • John Gilmore (GNU/EFF)
  • Karen Sandler (SFLC)
  • Louis Suarez-Potts (
  • Walter Bender (OLPC/Sugar Labs)
  • Max Shinn/Steve DuBois (GNU Generation)
  • Marina Zhurakhinskaya (GNOME shell)
  • Richard Stallman


Plus: three day dedicated hacking track! Bring your laptop and work on your own projects! Network Services, phone hacking and graphics libraries

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March 19th — 21st 2010  —  Harvard Science Center

This year's conference features a dedicated track to help increase women's participation in free software. You can help this vital issue, by donating to the travel fund.