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Tips For Libre Travelers

LibrePlanet 2017 will held at the Stata Center at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139). Check out the map with restaurants and the Subway station near the conference.

Where to stay

Prices range from $ (cheap) to $$$ (pricey).


These are outside walking distance, but cost less than $50/night:


  • Stay at a cute New England bed and breakfast like Irving House in Harvard Square. ($$)
  • The John Jeffries House is a short ride away on the Red line at the Charles/MGH stop. ($$)
  • Harvard Square Hotel is close to the Red line and reasonably priced for a hotel in Harvard Square. ($$$)
  • The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square has valet parking. ($$$)
  • The Hyatt Regency overlooks the Charles river, providing a view of the Boston skyline. ($$$)
  • The Marriott is located at the Kendall/MIT stop with many restaurants located nearby. ($$)
  • The historic Kendall Hotel is in the heart of the MIT campus. It was originally an 1800s firehouse. ($$$)
  • The Doubletree is over the Charles river in Boston just two kilometers away. A 5 minute ride on the 64 or 70 bus takes you into Central Square. ($$$)
  • Also in Boston is the Days Hotel of Boston. The 86 or 70 bus picks up across the street (in front of the Star Market grocery) and takes you to Cambridge and the red line in approximately 10 minutes. ($$)


The easiest way to get around Boston/Cambridge is to use the MBTA. Passes can be purchased with cash or credit/debit cards in stations. The links below can help you to plan your trip to MIT's Stata Center and around town.

Arriving in the City

From Logan Airport

Most people travel via these three routes from the airport:

  • Cab. Cabs are located all over the city: at the airport and major subway stations.
  • The Blue Line is a train; the Silver Line is an expedited bus. The MBTA website provides a very helpful page on how to navigate via the Silver Line and Blue Line from the airport.

Commuting from the Suburbs

  • Travel via North Station from north of the city. From there, take the Green Line to Park Street to reach the office, or to transfer to the Red Line toward Alewife to reach MIT.
  • Travel via South Station from south of the city. The station is situated on the Red Line. You can take the Red Line toward Alewife to Downtown Crossing to visit the FSF office, or reach MIT by continuing north and disembarking at Kendall/MIT Station.

If you have questions about travelling, contact us at

Getting to the event locations

MIT is located at the Kendall/MIT stop on the red line. The FSF's offices are located near the Downtown Crossing and Park Street T stops.

Getting to LibrePlanet at the Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

[ MIT's interesting-looking Stata Center ]

The Stata Center. Image CC-BY-3.0 Pablo Valerio

  • Address: 32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139
  • Closest subway stop: Red line: Kendall/MIT Station
  • Directions: When you leave the station, turn west on Main Street (toward Ames street), turn left on Vassar Street, and then turn left. The Stata Center is a unique looking building - in fact it's hard to miss.

Our map is useful for finding your way from the station to the conference.

Getting to the Free Software Foundation office

  • Address: 51 Franklin Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
  • Closest subway stops:
  • Directions: Each of these subway stations is only a blocks away from the FSF. State Street and Government Center are also in easy walking distance. Our office is in a nondescript office building at the foot of a collossal glass condominium, just a block away from the hub of Downtown Crossing, Washington Street.

The door is unlocked during the day, so you can just come right on inside to the 5th floor. If the door happens to be locked, the intercom outside will connect you to a phone in the office to be let up - or call us: +1 617 542 5942.


Prices are approximate and may not be up to date.

Around Kendall/MIT

  • Massachusetts Avenue and side streets around MIT have metered street parking. These meters have limits of 30, 60, or 120 minutes, so they are not good for parking to attend an all-day conference.
  • One Broadway Garage - 1 Broadway - $20 for 4 hours, $30 for 24 hours
  • Technology Square Garage - 800 Technology Square - $20 for 3 hours, $30 for 24 hours
  • Kendall Square South Garage - 350 Kendall Street - $11 per day on weekends
  • Kendall Center Yellow Garage - 77 Ames Street - $31 for 3 hours, $42 for 24 hours
  • Kendall Center Green Garage - 90 Broadway - $31 for 3 hours, $42 for 24 hours
  • Kendall Center Blue Garage - 290 Binney Street - $31 for 3 hours, $42 for 24 hours

Downtown/Near FSF office

Around Harvard Square

  • Metered street parking along JFK Street, Massachusetts Avenue, and Mt. Auburn Street
  • University Place Garage: $14 evenings/weekends.

Where to Eat

Kendall Square


[Venue Map]
  1. Flat Top Johnny's Billiards, beer, burgers
  2. BeanTowne Coffee House Coffee
  3. The Friendly Toast Diner plus more
  4. Cambridge Brewing Company Prominent brewpub
  5. State Park Extremely good bar. Jukebox & shuffleboard
  6. The Smoke Shop BBQ BARBEQUE
  7. Bon Me Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches
  8. Mamaleh's Modern Jewish deli and soda fountain; very delicious!!
  9. Area Four Pizza + cafe
  10. Catalyst American food
  11. Legal Sea Foods Fish, other sea life
  12. Bailey & Sage Soup & sandwiches
  13. Clover Sandwiches etc.; very veg-friendly
  14. Firebrand Saints Gastropub
  15. Commonwealth Cambridge American food
  16. Kika Tapas Tapas
  17. Evoo "Eclectic American"
  18. Za Fancy pizza
  19. Barismo Coffee roaster, also coffee grinder and brewer
  20. Abigail's American food, cocktails
  21. Fuji at Kendall Sushi + Asian fusion
  22. Cafe Artscience Artistic, sciencey food

Central Square

  • Veggie Galaxy is a vegan diner that serves breakfast all day. They also have lunch, dinner, and bakery options. They also accept bitcoin! Vegan/Vegetarian.
  • Dig in to hearty Eritrean platters at Asmara! Vegan/Vegetarian options.
  • Cocktail lovers enjoy the hidden tiny gem, Brick and Mortar. Vegan/Vegetarian options.
  • 1930s-era Green Street is another favorite for cocktail lovers. Vegetarian options.
  • Get your nerd on at the burger bar, Miracle of Science. Vegetarian/Vegan options.
  • Grab a late night falafel to go at Falafel Palace. Vegetarian/Vegan options.
  • The nightclub The Middle East also houses some Middle Eastern and Greek restaurants. Vegan/Vegetarian options.

Harvard Square

  • Grendel's Den is a favorite restaurant & bar among the local Free Software community. Join us Sunday night at 9pm to partake in their half-priced menu. Vegan/Vegetarian options.
  • Veggie Planet is a Vegan/Vegetarian pizza place with live folk music. Vegan/Vegetarian.


  • Chau Chow City can accommodate large groups. Their Chinese food proportions are substantial, and their cocktails are fun (some are literally on fire!) Vegetarian options.
  • Sam Lagrassa's is famous for its sandwiches. Vegetarian options.