Tips For Libre Travelers

Check out the map, which includes restaurants, around Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

Where to stay

Prices range from $ (cheap) to $$$ (pricey).


These are outside walking distance, but may have lower costs.


Walking distance (within a mile)

On the Red Line

The Red line is an MBTA subway route that cuts through Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

By bus

  • The Doubletree is over the Charles river in Boston just two kilometers away. A 5 minute ride on the 64 or 70 bus takes you into Central Square. ($$$)
  • Also in Boston is the Days Hotel of Boston. The 86 or 70 bus picks up across the street (in front of the Star Market grocery) and takes you to Cambridge and the Red Line in approximately 10 minutes. ($$)


The easiest way to get around Boston/Cambridge is to use the MBTA. Passes can be purchased with cash or credit/debit cards in stations.

Arriving in the City

From Logan Airport

Most people travel via these three routes from the airport:

  • CCabs are located all over the city: at the airport and major subway stations.
  • The Blue Line is a train, with a shuttly bus from Logan Airport to the Airport MBTA stop; the Silver Line is an expedited bus. The MBTA website provides a very helpful page on how to navigate via the Silver Line and Blue Line from the airport.

Commuting from the Suburbs

  • Travel via North Station from north of the city. From there, take the Green Line to Park Street to reach the office, or to transfer to the Red Line toward Alewife to reach MIT.
  • Travel via South Station from south of the city. The station is situated on the Red Line. You can take the Red Line toward Alewife to Downtown Crossing to visit the FSF office, or reach MIT by continuing north and disembarking at Kendall/MIT Station.

If you have questions about traveling, contact us at

Getting to the event locations

Getting to the Free Software Foundation office

  • Address: 51 Franklin Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
  • Closest subway stops:
    • Green/Red lines: Park Street Station
    • Green/Orange lines: Downtown Crossing Station
    • Directions: Each of these subway stations is only a block away from the FSF. State Street and Government Center are also in easy walking distance. Our office is in a nondescript office building at the foot of a colossal glass condominium, just a block away from the hub of Downtown Crossing, Washington Street.

    The door is unlocked during the day, so you can just come right on inside to the 5th floor. If the door happens to be locked, the intercom outside will connect you to a phone in the office to be let up - or call us: +1 617 542 5942.


    Prices are approximate and may not be up to date.

    Downtown/Near FSF office