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LibrePlanet 2021 has ended.

Thank you for attending.

All the activities you can join in besides our session and workshop schedule

Birds of a Feather Social Events

You can host a social get-together during LibrePlanet too! Read more

Non-Code Contributors' BoF

Hosted by Taowa

There are lots of contributions that aren't code: artwork, translations, design, packaging, license review, community building, organizing, activism, mentorship, user support; to name a few. For those of you whose primary involvement with the free software community falls under that category, your work can often feel like it takes a secondary role to that of those contributing code. Let's talk!

  • Time: 12:55 - 13:40 EDT, Saturday 3/20
  • Location: This BOF has ended
  • Sign up: Not necessary

Calling all Free/Libre Founders

Hosted by Wm Salt Hale

Have you (or a group of friends) started a free software project? How about a usergroup or conference? Maybe you haven't yet, but are definitely considering it. Or, have you tried to start something new and found it didn't work out the way you wanted? Have you witnessed the rise and decline of projects and events, and are you willing to share your stories? Come to the Free/Libre Founders BoF and discuss your experience!

  • Time: 14:45 - 15:30 EDT, Saturday 3/20
  • Location: This BOF has ended
  • Sign up: Not necessary

Lightning Talks

SATURDAY 16:35 - 17:20

Lightning talks

: Neptune
LibrePlanet logo The lightning talks were broadcasted Saturday.

Lightning talks are five-minute presentations given by conference attendees on free software topics they're passionate about.

Participate: Have your five-minute talk streamed at LibrePlanet 2021: Empowering Users.

Upload your lightning talk now.

Member Meeting

Hosted by Jason Self, Devin Ulibarri, and Mariah Villarreal

Get together with other FSF associate members to share your feedback with the FSF. To participate in the meeting, jump on the FSF member forum to get more information if you missed the invitation. The link to join the videoconference will be posted in the channel topic, as well as on the LibrePlanet Web site. Please use the password shared via the invitation email.

Job Board

Post / check for free software-friendly jobs.


We ran a Minetest game server this year. Minetest is a classic and fun free software game in which players build with blocks, and craft items. To install Minetest 4.x on Trisquel, run sudo apt-get install minetest.

Thank you for playing!

The tarball of the world we made together can be downloaded here. Instructions can be found in the file within.

Organize your own social event!

If you are looking to organize your own dinner or meetup, you can do so using the LibrePlanet wiki 2021 conference pages as a central place for communication about this.