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This is the initial basic plan of the website. Feel free to improve and/or discuss it.


See the original page on tinyogg.com.

Why not Flash?

Adobe Flash is a non-free standard. The most known and used implementation is Adobe's non-free Flash Player which is, unfortunately, used by many people even on the top of free systems like GNU/Linux. There is a free implementation called Gnash, but it doesn't implement the recent versions of Flash and that's why some popular Flash-based websites don't work well with it.

Flash isn't necessary for modern web designs. Free standard can be used to get great results without being locked-in because of some non-free one-vendor technologies.

Instead of using Flash videos, we encourage people to use HTML5 <video> tag with the free Theora video format.

To-Do List

Description Priority Taken by Status
Prepare an 'INSTALL' file containing enough instructions on how to install a local version of TinyOgg. High Nobody Waiting
Use JavaScript to give the website a better look. JavaScripts must be free (AGPL'd). High Nobody Waiting
For a faster conversion, use a distributed system where more than one sever is working on the queue. High Nobody Waiting
Support translation. Django already comes with a powerful i18n framework that needs to be used. Medium Nobody Waiting
Get a better interface designed for TinyOgg. Medium Nobody Waiting
Add an API as a machine-friendly interface. Low Nobody Waiting
TinyOgg cannot get the episode title such as this one (see: this). Fix that. Low Nobody Waiting
Follow Style Guide for Python Code. Low Nobody Waiting