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Ubuntu beginners workshop: the system and the philosophy 11.02

Event Reports


The event went really well, perhaps the best event we've done for promoting the Free Software philosophy.

The set up for the event went well, we started early and overcame any issues. We decided to run the event downstairs which gave us access to wired Internet which the PCs required, they didn't have wireless cards. We got the set up done in plenty of time thanks to the Manchester Free Software and Blackpool LUG crews. Actually, there might have been too much time as people started messing around!

The attendance was really high for event and was a good mix of people, especially gender wise.

Anna's talk explaining the Free Software philosophy and related issues was the best I've seen, at least for a non-Geek audience. The talk really got through to people.

Charlie's demo of Ubuntu was really good and full of genuine enthusiasm. The demo showed how much free software is available and how easy it is to get it.


Fill in after event.


A workshop for beginners on Ubuntu which details the system and the philosophy.

The workshop will include:

  • Free software philosophy explanation including how it relates to the software you will run.
  • Installation of Ubuntu including issues that can be encountered and how to overcome them.
  • Real world take on running Ubuntu. The good and the bad.
  • Introduction to the jargon and internals of the system.
  • How to fix issues, make the software do what you want, find solutions and get help.
  • Hands on and Q&A.


2pm-4:30pm, Saturday, February 19th, 2011.


Madlab - Manchester Digital Laboratory, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN.
"(Between Thomas St and the Craft Centre, opposite A Bar Called Common)"


Around the venue there are parking meter bays that become zero cost after 6pm on Saturday but get full up. There are paid parking lots around the venue, the light blue P in this OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. A lot of them, perhaps all, are are owned by NCP. If you can't decide otherwise then park in Manchester Arndale.

Public Transport

Manchester Victoria (MCV) train station, Shudehill tram station and Manchester Piccadilly bus station are all fairly close to Madlab, see OpenStreetMap centred on Madlab. Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) train station and Manchester Central Coach Station are not too far either.

Who’s Coming?

  • Mike
  • Anna
  • J.P.