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This page is a sandbox (will be) written in French, giving at last an essay addressing "the whole non-free software / non-free (and/or non compatble with SF) hardware / patents / DRM / billing / lobbying problem"

It will need to be translated and reviewed

I think it will done something like that:

  • a front page explaining "the whole problem", in what the different "sides" are related and how "Libre" movement could address it (mainly: federate/coordinate/decide together)
  • separate pages which each one explain "one side" in deep, with cross-links to the other pages+intenal section where "a problem" is related
  • convenient links on existing movements/organisations/events (in text and / or as footnotes w/comment)

Shortly, I first quote what I posted off-topic in a thread on "" mailing list:

IMHO, what we need is:

  • a "Free Software Compliant" "label", maybe FSF owned, given to full disclosed specs material, with high quality pilots "proof of concept" and FS firmware if even (they have also . If we don't have that soon, it will be the end of what have began with a famous "printer problem"
  • a strong W3/IETF/whatever task force, where patents are a constant risk.
  • a "patents" task force, to avoid patents on 'trivial things' which are given by patents corporations because of their incompetence or their greed (states delagates to companies/consortiums) : four-color separation, LZW algorithm, Fraunhoffer algorithm, patents on effects and not method... (yes, I'm aware of software patents campain : not enough : it have to be a hard and discouraging way to obtain a patent, then effects will follows)
  • a "bill lobbying task force" to counter-balance large companies lobbyists, encourage states/unions to law on compatibility and specifications opening, and especially to recognise mathematical and biological as "not able to be patented" because they are *natural things*; also against DRM which geopardise not even immediately but also on human memory our culture.

--Tsfh42 15:13, 5 August 2012 (EDT) Thomas S.F. Harding