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Free Software Foundation Systems Administration

Pages that are somehow related to Group:FSF Sys Admin.

Formal Support

All formal support from the FSF Sys Admin team must start with an email to

FSF Sys Admin on IRC

  • #fsfsys on IRC
    • sys admin staff nicks are sudoman, iank, and thomzane.

FSF Sys Admin on Mastodon

  • @fsfstatus - for announcements of system status (planned and unplanned systems/services down and up)

FSF Sys Admin on

Wiki administrators can use the userbox: {{User SysAdmin LP}}

  • FsfSysAdmin Category - Discussion among developers and organizers of LibrePlanet. (Approval required to join)

FSF Sys Admin on

FSF Sys Admin on

Open Subscription

Closed Subscription

  • - by invitation; for people helping us with lemote-related hardware and software issues.
  • - by invitation; for people who have accounts on the loongson build farm.


= FSF Sys Admin on

= FSF Sys Admin on

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