Demonstrations against DRM in HTML

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W3C offices, with locations:

Cambridge, MA

  • WHEN: Sunday, March 20, 18:45
  • WHERE: Stata Center at MIT
  • MEETING POINT: Main entrance at Vassar Street
  • CONTACT: Zak Rogoff <>

More info (including the preparation session beforehand):


Please monitor this wiki because the location of the demonstration in Amsterdam might change!

  • WHEN: Sunday, March 20, 14:15 - 15:30

  • WHERE: Science Park 121, 1093 Amsterdam
  • MEETING POINT: Head entrance of the UvA Science Park location (Science Park 904)

  • WHERE: Dam Square, Amsterdam
  • MEETING POINT: Dam Square, Amsterdam
  • CONTACT: Thomas Schaper <thomas [at] libremail [dot] nl>