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Each month, we feature an interesting resource, group, or project in-progress on the front page of the wiki. Below is a list of all past featured resources on our wiki. You can suggest future featured resources on the Talk:Featured resources ___page___.

Once featured, the page should be labeled with Template:Featured resource.

Featured resource Date featured
Ask Powerful Questions September 2023
Participate/libreplanet-pages August 2023
Distro Guide July 2023
Going NoPhone June 2023
Tax Liberation May 2023
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Conference/2023/Accommodations March 2023
Conference/2023/BOF February 2023
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2022 January 2023
Conference/2023/Lightning Talks October 2022
DRM-free Textbooks September 2022
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FSF/Escape-to-Freedom/Translation July 2022
Conference/2022/Transcripts/ June 2022
Copilot Watch Group March 2022
Hardware February 2022
FSF-Translators December 2021
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LibreMelbourne October 2021
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Hardware/Computers/Laptops/Freeable laptops/Libreboot Laptops comparison August 2021
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Free Javascript Action Team Error: Invalid time.
Defective by Design/Ideas/Guide Error: Invalid time.
Hardware/Strategies/ReverseEngineering Error: Invalid time.
Conference/2021 March 2021
Introducing Free Software January 2021
Teams/New December 2020
LibrePlanet Gaming Collective September 2020
Hardware/FSDG distributions August 2020
Gain industry support July 2020
Activism Guide June 2020
Remote Communication May 2020
Conference/2020 February 2020
Hardware/Computers/e-readers December 2019
Libreplanet-theme-mediawiki November 2019
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2019 October 2019
IceCat/Links to distributions September 2019
Free Software Foundation/Ideas August 2019
Making money as a libre software programmer July 2019
Conference/2019/Transcripts/ June 2019
GPG guide May 2019
Teams April 2019
Conference/2019 March 2019
Guix/Wishlist February 2019
Incoming distros January 2019
Community toolkit November 2018
LibrePlanet Artists September 2018
Hardware/Workarounds August 2018

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