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Please add links to any media about the 2016 Day Against DRM. Any kind of media is fair game and it doesn't matter if it was created by you or by others.

By free software hacker Mike Gerwitz:

OTI Proudly Joins the International Day Against DRM:

Why Packt Publishing is DRM-free, and how they're supporting Day Against DRM 2016:

International Day of Action Against DRM – May 3rd from the Pirate Times:

From FOSS Force:

From the Document Foundation:

Day Against DRM: yes, ALL DRM:

Hvordan opphavsrettsindustrien truer liv og helse, mennesker og miljø (Norwegian):

The open web's guardians are acting like it's already dead:

Know your history — the first ten years of the International Day Against DRM:

Why should musicians care about Digital Restrictions Management?:

Join CC in supporting the International Day Against DRM: