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Right to Repair in the US

Massachusetts Right to Repair had a significant win passing an advanced right to repair law in the recent November 2020 elections in Massachusetts, US. "If the car manufacturers' point is that they have built mobile surveillance platforms that non-consensually harvest so much data from us that if the wrong person gets access to them, they can destroy your life, then I think that the answer should be for them to stop spying on us with our cars," Cory Doctorow responded in an interview on WGBH. Kyle Wiens responded in a response on their blog, "Modern cars can send maintenance information directly to the manufacturers, cutting out local mechanics. Question 1 makes sure that consumers can continue to fix their own vehicles, or get them fixed at the shop of their choice."

In the United States decisions are made on a state legislative level, so it is your local representatives that can help make a difference.

Various legislative activity

Below is a list of links to legislative activity in various US states related to 'Right to Repair'. The list was collected in early 2019. It is being posted here as a placeholder for the review of each link.