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A free SDK could permit us to develop free applications for the androids phones such as a replacement for non-free applications that runs on the androids phones such as the market

Documentation on howto compile it

The problem is that with the JDK6(icedtea is a JDK6) we get that error:

$ make sdk
build/core/ WARNING: adding test OTA key
find: File system loop detected; `./external/alsa-lib/include/alsa' is part of the same file system loop as `./external/alsa-lib/include'.
Removing from sdk:
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/bin/dbus-daemon
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/lib/
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/xbin/dbus-monitor
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/xbin/dbus-send
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/xbin/hcidump
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/xbin/opcontrol
: out/target/product/freerunner/system/xbin/oprofiled
target Jar: core-tests (out/target/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/core-tests_intermediates/javalib.jar)
Install: out/target/product/freerunner/system/app/Mms.apk
Finding NOTICE files: out/target/product/freerunner/obj/NOTICE_FILES/hash-timestamp
Combining NOTICE files: out/target/product/freerunner/obj/NOTICE.txt
Finding NOTICE files: out/host/linux-x86/obj/NOTICE_FILES/hash-timestamp
Combining NOTICE files: out/host/linux-x86/obj/NOTICE.txt
Combining NOTICE files: out/target/product/freerunner/obj/NOTICE.html
gzip -c out/target/product/freerunner/obj/NOTICE.html > out/target/product/freerunner/obj/NOTICE.html.gz
Target system fs image: out/target/product/freerunner/obj/PACKAGING/systemimage_unopt_intermediates/system.img
Install system fs image: out/target/product/freerunner/system.img
Package: out/target/product/freerunner/
Docs droiddoc: out/target/common/docs/dx
javadoc: error - In doclet class DroidDoc,  method start has thrown an exception java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException$CompletionFailure: class file for sun.util.resources.OpenListResourceBundle not found
1 error
make: *** [out/target/common/docs/dx-timestamp] Error 45

According to the search engines it's not specific to my target but it's a classic error when someone doesn't have the old non-free java5 version

My first try was to try to add the missing class:

so I added the class in /home/android/koolu/build/tools/droiddoc/src

cd /home/android/koolu/build/tools/droiddoc/src
mkdir -p sun/util/resources/
cp ~/errors/ sun/util/resources/

And I modified the like this:

+     sun/util/resources/ \

How to use it