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== References ==
== References ==

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Brand and Model Type Proprietary Components that are really hard to replace Proprietary Components that could be replaced with some work Proprietary Components that can be avoided Compatible BIOS Replacements Compatible 100 % Free software distributions Availability
Chromebook Pixel Thin notebook
  • ME.bin: runs inside the Management engine. Very dangerous for security/privacy. signed. The laptop probably won't execute any code on the x86 CPU without it(Intel IVYBRIDGE chipset).
  • CPU microcode?
  • MRC.bin: RAM controller initialization, runs on the main CPU.
  • Coreboot with uboot as payload by default.
  •  ?
  • Available new.
  • Available in USA, UK, and probably other countries.
Samsung Series 3 Chromebook Thin notebook
  • Required BL1: proprietary and signed.
  • Coreboot?
  • Uboot.
  •  ?
  • Available new…
  • …in which countries?


  1. .Issues [1] [2] show it uses the mwifiex_sdio driver, same chip provides Bluetooth probably also requiring non-free firmware.