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This page research if it's possible to replace a Libreboot Thinkpad with a Pinebook PRO and how much freedom issue the Pinebook PRO has.


Nonfree firwmares:

  • Internal WiFi / Bluetooth [1]
  • dptx.bin
  • Video decoding offload?
  • Others


An adapter [2] exists to enable to connect NGFF A/E key WiFi cards.

=> TODO: Look if ath9k compatible cards exist in that form factor.

Alternatively it's possible to use external USB WiFi cards, but they will be limited to 2.4GHz and there is a tradeoff to make between the range and the key size.

=> TODO: look if it's possible to put the USB WiFi card inside the laptop.


  • removable eMMC (64G or 128G available at the time of writing)
  • MicroSD