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This page is a draft, it might still contain errors at this stage and lacks references. Feel free to improve it.


The Nokia 8810 4G Dual SIM is a smartphone that has a feature phone like formfactor:


  • All existing and future smartphones have very serious freedom issues as the network can track them with a huge accuracy (20 meters with GSM, 10 meters with 3G).
  • This device uses a Qualcomm System on a chip with additional extremely serious freedom issues


LibreCMC is an FSDG compliant distribution that is based on OpenWRT.

And OpenWRT was made possible thanks to the source code from the WRT54GS device.

As the manufacturer did everything it could not to comply with the GPL, that code was obtained through a lawsuit.

Here, the community behind the Nokia 8810 4G Dual SIM or devices using the same operating system don't have the corresponding Linux source code, nor the FirefoxOS derivative source code.

In the long run, getting the source code might help a lot that community, and we may get a new (partially) free software distribution that could work on devices with feature-phone formfactors, hoping that it could support other smartphones with less problematic hardware components.

The Nokia 8810 4G Dual SIM was chosen for this project as it's the most documented device and you can get root on it and install alternative distributions on it (which reuse the kernel binary).

On other devices or versions (like the single SIM version) it might be way more time consuming to do that research, and it would benefit less that community that is mainly trying to support that specific device.

Looking for source code offer

I was advised by someone familiar with GPL enforcement not to connect the device to the WiFi at all. This will make sure that the OS stays the same.

I will start looking for an offser source code offer in the package, and then proceed to a more in depth analysis while making sure that the software is not modified during the analysis.