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[[Category:LibrePlanet Teams]]
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About us

The LibrePlanet Cuenca Team is a group of Free Software filosofy activists, enthusiasts and spreaders. We enjoy evangelizing digital rights and software Freedom by local event and activities organization.


  • Educate
    • Inform the public about free software
  • Advocate
    • Promote free software tools through projects, campaigns, and events
  • Supply
    • Provide materials and increase the availability of free software
  • Support
    • Offer local help getting and using free software
  • Unite
    • Bridge connections between free software activists and users

Join us

We want to form the bigger community possible, so if you're interested be very welcome to communicate with us and participate as much as you like.


  • No current schedule for meetings.


  • Suggest some!


A mail list and IRC channel will be available very soon.


LibrePlanet Cuenca
Note Cuenca - Ecuador group for free software activists
Region South America
Area Ecuador
Website {{{website}}}
Available language(s) Español,English
Contact Alx741
Members 0
Current status Active