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[[organized around::interest| ]]
[[organized around::interest| ]]
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About us

The LibrePlanet Gaming Collective is a group of free software activists organized around their enthusiasm for video games. By gathering around free software video games, we are furthering the ideals of free software and related issues as necessary means for a free society. We operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

This group is working towards a free society through free software, but we are not just a GNU/Linux Gaming Team. We promote any video games that respect the freedom of its users, not all games that run on GNU/Linux. We are a team with a mission! We recognize that some people choose to make compromises, temporary or otherwise, with proprietary software, and some who may not always say GNU/Linux, or "free software" instead of "open source", and we welcome those people to join us and discuss their thoughts, but as a LibrePlanet team, we frame terms accordingly. We are open to people of all levels of interest in free software and welcome new participants. We are all united in the fight for software freedom as an important and necessary means for the prospect of a free society.


  • Educate
    • Inform the public about free software
  • Advocate
    • Promote free software tools through projects, campaigns, and events
  • Supply
    • Provide materials and increase the availability of free software
  • Support
    • Offer local help getting and using free software
  • Unite
    • Bridge connections between free software activists and users
  • And most of all...

Join us

To become a member of the LibrePlanet Gaming Collective, please


  • No current schedule for meetings.


  • The obvious: LAN party, with only free games!
    • If anyone knows of an awesome free MMORPG, that would probably draw a crowd


You may reach the team via IRC (see above) or by emailing the discussion list:




  • Join the efforts of reverse engineering Starbound, as it is a pretty rad video game with great community --


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LibrePlanet Gaming Collective
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