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A student team aimed at:

  • encouraging the USW community to embrace free software
  • assisting new and established free software users
  • providing opportunities for free software users to co-operate,

socialise and share

About us

The group is currently inactive while I do other things. Happy to help other people link up if that would be helpful.

OLD CONTENT: Currently, we are a group of one: me, a first year BSc Computer Science student. I really hope to grow the team steadily.

Free software at the university

The university appears to be uninterested in software freedom. I don't have time or direct, personal reason to pressure them to change at the moment (it's still important to me, but unfortunately I have to prioritise other things). If anyone would like details on the steps I've taken and the free alternatives I found to the software the university recommends / uses, do get in contact.

OLD CONTENT: I have notified the university that I will not be using proprietary software in the course of my studies. This has involved considerable extra work in finding and learning about free alternatives to the proprietary programs the university recommends / uses, but I think it's worth it. Hopefully, my work will be of use to others.

OLD CONTENT: I am hoping to raise awareness of software freedom at the university by, for example, leafleting and having a presence around computing industry employer events. If anyone would like to help with that, do let me know. If people don't have time to get involved themselves, a little money for things like (ethical) printing costs would be really useful.

How to Join

The group is currently inactive - see above.

OLD CONTENT: Come along and say "hi!" See "next events" below. Alternatively, contact me through (username: ...).

Next events

The group is currently inactive - see above.

OLD CONTENT: I will be in the Treforest library cafe kiosk every Tuesday between (roughly) noon and 1pm. I will try to wear my purple "Free Software, Free Society" t-shirt to help people find me. Come along and discuss free software and associated issues and talk about how we can move things forward on campus.