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Chromium has many issues:

  • It's composed from a huge number of source code repositories, which makes it very complicated to even know which license it's under. In Replicant the resulting licenses files are viewable in the settings.
  • Some versions are tied to Google
  • It has a design that has many privacy issues

Approaches and distributions

API reimplementation on top of Gecko

  • Replicant had plans to implement an API/ABI somehow compatible with Webview from Geckoview but the work hasn't started yet.

Packaging all the Chromium components

It may be possible to start packaging all the components that chromium use, especially the ones used by other programs as well like Skia that is used by Firefox and by extension Iceweasel, Icecat, etc.

Filling and fixing bugs

It may be possible to do an audit of the Chromium source code, at least to find which licenses are in use, or to audit GuiX's Chromium version to make sure they didn't miss anything while cleaning up the code and looking at licenses.