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This page is intended to make a list of providers that offer Virtual Private Servers that can run a fully free distribution of GNU/Linux. The GNU Project maintains a list of distributions which match this criteria.

To add an entry to the list, please create a new wiki page based on Template:VPS. Please name your page Group:VPS:Company.

"Free BIOS" means 'Server is running with libreboot, currently the only free as in freedom replacement for any proprietary BIOS/UEFI.

"Free distribution image" means 'A free distribution image is provided as one of the options when creating a new server'.

"Custom kernel" means 'It is possible to run a custom (free) kernel'.

"Upgrade possible" means 'It is possible to do a manual upgrade to a free distribution'.

  Company URL Free BIOS Free distribution image Custom kernel Upgrade possible? Verified on Verified by
VPS:Gandi Gandi No No No Yes 02/21/2013 Ward
VPS:Linode Linode No No Yes Yes 10/29/2011 Ward
VPS:Prgmr Prgmr No

"thum" on freenode IRC is setting up a hosting company that runs 100% on libreboot hardware, and could provide VPS hosting.

This page was a featured resource in October 2011.