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Reorganised structure

I reorganised the section structure.

My general suggestions for keeping wiki pages organised:

  • Use descriptive section titles, even if they're a bit longer (as recommended for function and variable names in the GNU Coding Standards!) - so that people find where to put stuff instead of making their own duplicate section
  • Don't let lists get too long - split them and give them titles, otherwise everyone just adds to the list without reading what's there already
  • For each section, try to provide a link to the campaign web pages or something so that that reader knows exactly what the section is about. (For a new visitor, it's hard to figure out what goes in an empty section titled "Working Together for Free Software"!)

. Ciaran 16:33, 1 August 2012 (EDT)

Free Software in Public Schools

I posted Free Software in Public Schools on "Quorum" which is supposed to be an app that gets messages to The United States Congress. (Yeah, right..) I've been advocating for free software in public schools since the Twentieth Century.

"Testing *thump *thump *thump... Is this thing on?" 

--Tractorcq 09:55, 30 April 2015 (EDT)