IBM Thinkpad X60

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The IBM Thinkpad X60 is a notebook originally produced by IBM, notable for its ability to be run with completely Free Software. The proprietary BIOS can be replaced by LibreBoot, and the wireless card included by default with the machine, not compatible with free software, can be replaced.

Replacing Wireless Card

Step 1: Remove Battery Slide battery lock sliders (circled in red below) towards outer edges of the laptop, in the direction of the unlock icon.


Step 2: Remove Keyboard Screws Remove the 4 phillips screws (circled in red below) holding the keyboard in place.


Step 3: Remove Keyboard Once the keyboard screws have been removed, open laptop and slide keyboard towards back of laptop. !!Be sure to gently remove the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard, by pulling vertically up on the tab.!!


Step 4: Remove the top part of the bottom half of the case. Remove the 6 phillips screws (circled in red below) which hold the top part of the bottom half of the case to the bottom of the case.


Step 5: Remove the top case Open the laptop screen to at least 120 degrees. Then, beginning at the front, gently pry back the case top. Remove it completely.


Step 6: Locating the wifi chip Find the wifi chip, circled in red below.


Step 7: Remove the pigtail connections. Remove the two connections (circled in red below) from the wireless card to the case-mounted antennas, by gently pulling the wires from the card.


Step 8: Remove and replace the wifi card Push back on the metal retaining tab securing the wireless card in place. Pull the card out, and replace it.


Step 9: Put it all back together.

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