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Please note, this is a private event and not part of the main conference.

GNU Hackers' Meeting Attendees

Please list your name and the project you are involved with here. Don't forget to also RSVP for the rest of the LibrePlanet conference at LibrePlanet2010.

GNU's not Unix!
  1. Richard Stallman -- Founder of GNU, FSF president
  2. John Sullivan -- FSF, GNU Advisory Committee, GNU Webmaster
  3. Matt Lee -- FSF, GNU FM, GNU social, GNU network, GNU Webmaster
  4. Felipe Sanches (São Paulo, Brazil) -- GNU LibreDWG maintainer and Inkscape developer
  5. Chong Yidong -- GNU Emacs maintainer (arriving Friday evening)
  6. Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva (São Paulo, Brazil) -- GNU LibreDWG maintainer
  7. John Gilmore -- GNU
  8. Brian Gough -- GNU maintainer (GNU Scientific Library), GNU Advisory Committee
  9. Michael J. Flickinger -- Savannah
  10. John W. Eaton (GNU Octave maintainer)
  11. Giuseppe Scrivano -- GNU
  12. David Sugar -- GNU Telephony
  13. Aubrey Jaffer -- JACAL, SLIB, WB, SCM maintainer/developer
  14. Anand Babu Periasamy (GNU Maintainer, FSF-India Board Member)
  15. Clint Adams -- GNU FM
  16. Robert Collins - Bazaar
  17. Rob Savoye - Gnash Maintainer
  18. Steven DuBois - GNU Generation
  19. Rob Myers -- GNU Chief Webmaster, GNU FM
  20. Max Shinn, GNU Generation
  21. Ian Denhardt, GNU social
  22. Sean Corbett, GNU social
  23. Ken Raeburn, GNU Emacs and Guile contributor
  24. Jonathan Finger, WB
  25. Jeremy Anderson, bug testing for Source Mage GNU/Linux and Lunar GNU/Linux. as with others.

Schedule (Provisional)

NB: Please bring enough printouts of your GPG key fingerprint for everyone for the keysigning.

This is an event for GNU Hackers only.

This will be taking place at Bhindi Bazaar at 95 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115, roughly 7:30pm.

They have a wide range of Indian food, as well as various beers and wines.

The restaurant is easily accessible via the Green (Hynes Convention Center stop) and Orange Lines (Back Bay) as well as the #1 bus.

If you have trouble finding us, you can call John Sullivan at 617 388 8344.

  • Friday 19 - The GHM meeting day
    • 9:00am Registration, breakfast, coffee
    • 10:00am Opening session
    • 11:00am Update Talks
      • GNU Telephony - David Sugar
      • GNU Bazaar - RobertCollins
      • Icecat - Giuseppe Scrivano
      • -- Rob Myers
    • Keysigning
    • Lunch
    • GNU FM - Matt Lee
    • Cross Platform - Aubrey Jaffer
    • Break
    • Discussion session - Free Network Services
    • 5:30pm finish
  • Saturday 20
  • Sunday 21

Equipment needed:

  • projector
  • video/audio recording
    • I'm bringing a DV camera. It needs a US power cord, which I've bought and is on its way -- Mattl 20:16, 15 March 2010 (UTC)

Suggestions for Agenda

If you have ideas for the way the meeting should be structured, feel free to discuss them here.

Here is the format of the European meetings (see [[1]])-- Bjg

  • Introductory session - getting to know other attendees
  • Talks/demonstrations
  • Discussion session(s)
    • Discussion of Conduit and other possibilities for encrypted syncing between machines
    • Software as a Service statement and GNU network service team
  • Keysigning
  • Dinner(s)

Talk topics

As of now, please email and if you want to give a talk on the Friday.

-- Please also note that there is a space on Sunday for GNU Hackers to talk... if you'd like to give a short 20-40 minute talk to everyone at the conference, this is also an option.

Initial Announcement

The FSF will be hosting the US's first GNU Hackers' Meeting on March 18th-21st, 2010, simultaneous with our larger LibrePlanet conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The GNU Hackers' Meetings are informal meetings for GNU maintainers and active contributors. This meeting will feature:

  • An introductory social event on the evening of the 18th.
  • A full day of GNU presentations, discussion, and hacking on the 19th.
  • Two days of events integrated with the LibrePlanet conference on the 20th and 21st, including opportunities for maintainers and developers to give talks on their projects to attendees.

This meeting follows in the footsteps of three previous successful European meetings (see <> for a history). They've been a great way for GNU hackers to meet each other, get productive work done, and generate new ideas for how to improve the overall project.

GNU maintainers and active developers can attend both the GNU Hackers' Meeting and the rest of LibrePlanet at no charge, but RSVPs are requested. The easiest way to RSVP for the events is to add your name to both <> and <>. If you'd rather that info not be public, you can also RSVP by email to <>.

As GNU developers, your work is invaluable. If in addition to programming skills you have some financial resources, we hope you will support this event and the rest of the work the FSF does to support the GNU Project by becoming a $120/year member at <>.

Please subscribe to the mailing list at <>, to receive further updates and to discuss possible agendas.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Cambridge, and happy hacking!