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Reference at LinuxLibre log

VIDEO_TM6000_DVB - DVB Support for tm6000 based TV cards
drivers/staging/tm6000/tm6000-cards.c: removed blobs

What is the purpose of the device?

Digital & Analog TV receiver - USB device

Who needs it?

users who want to watch tv and have bought this specific device

How critical it is to get free support for it?

(Is it a very popular device that requires us to prioritize efforts?) Not really.

What is(are) the processor architecture(s) of this device?

No idea.

Who is working on a free firmware implementation?


Links to online documentation

(i.e. datasheets, developer's guides, official or non-official specifications, etc)

Where are the non-free firmware images made available?


What makes them non-free?

Source code is not available.

What else do we know about this device?

(any further info that might help the creation of free firmware for it)

  • A kernel developer called Dmitri Belimov has access to the datasheets under NDA.
  • The device is still not working even with the non-free firmware.
  • Mauro Chehab, Dmitri Belimov, Luis Henrique Fagundes and Felipe Sanches are working on the free driver.