Minnesota, USA

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Join LibrePlanet Minnesota

There is a relatively new LibrePlanet Minnesota team which needs your help! Please join and get involved.

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Organizing Ideas for Minnesota"state" is not in the list (group, individual) of allowed values for the "Is entity" property.

Activists in Minnesota

To appear on this list, create a profile for yourself, with state "Minnesota".

User Name City
Gutworth/Profile Benjamin Peterson
Maxshinn/Profile Max Shinn Chaska
Mjmcevoy Micheal J. McEvoy Ely
Mjmcevoy/Profile Micheal J. McEvoy Ely
Rk4n3 Matt Samudio Albert Lea

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"Minnesota" is not in the list (interest, location, project, school) of allowed values for the "Organized around" property.