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This is the "LanguageNativeLink" template. Edit the page to see the template text.


This template is designed to be called as a sub-template from Template:Languages, to return formatted native language code links to the translations of a "original" master page.

Important note - This template should not be used anywhere except in Template:Languages. It doesn't display properly when not included. Please see Template:Languages for the complete version. Please, do not edit if you are not REALLY sure about what you are doing.

This template calls:

  • the "LanguageNative" template


It should be called in the following format:

{{LanguageNativeLink|master page=<MasterPage>|language=<LangCode>}}


  • <WikiPage> is the page url to link
  • <LangCode> is the (2-digit lowercase) language code (ISO 639-1) of the native language to display as the link