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Username Smatveev
Full name Sergey Matveev
Tasks Completed
City Korolev
State Moscow region
Country Russian Federation
Age 22
Freenode Username stargrave
Languages spoken ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell-script, PHP, XSLT, SQL, ECMAScript, Scheme, Tcl, Forth, LaTeX, XHTML|,|x }}
Why I prefer Free Software Because I am developer, many point of views are related to this speciality. I can: freely study, improve, hack, help developing, help my neighboor and friend by sharing or by gaining knowledge, be sure about quality and security, use it anyway I want. I see that it is created with the aim of not money, but willing to help: each over, progress, communicate.
Experience with Free Software I am using free software for more than ten years. And I use only free software, neither proprietary nor just open source one. I program much and everything I have ever created is free software. At home, at work -- it does not matter for me. Even in institute I use exclusively it, fully replacing proprietary software with free software one -- because I respect freedom.
Interests ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:programming, security, privacy, anonymity, networking|,|x }}
Friends with ,|x|x}}{{#arraymap:|,|x }}
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Well, I am not master of talking and most of everything I wanted to tell about myself I wrote above. Except computer-related interests I am a great music fan (many styles from old rock-n-roll, to brutal death metal, grindcore, noisecore and harshnoise), ambient and harsh noise music creator.