COVID-19 Policy

Although the worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be over, large gatherings still pose a risk for contraction. We’ve been encouraged by how many conferences and events are being held successfully without putting attendee health in jeopardy. As such, the FSF will continue to follow the recommendations of the COVID-19-related requirements for attendance beyond those already required by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of Massachusetts and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC).

Basic protective measures against COVID-19

To help keep yourself, and everyone else at the event safe, and in accordance with Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC)’s guidelines, we strongly recommend the following basic protective measures against COVID-19 and full vaccination against COVID-19 when planning to attend LibrePlanet 2024.


Wearing a mask indoors is strongly recommended by the BPHC. Here, “indoors” also refers to public transportation and crowded outdoor venues. We will have masks available at the registration desk if you forget yours.

Get tested before and after traveling, if you have symptoms, or were exposed

Get tested if you feel feverish; are coughing; are having difficulty breathing, tasting, or smelling; or if your muscles ache. Furthermore, get tested if you have had close contact with anyone who currently has COVID-19. The BPHC also recommends to get tested before and after travel and large gatherings such as conferences. We recommend therefore to test yourself before coming to the venue. The BPHC’s free walk-in testing sites are open to all, regardless of insurance or immigration status. Please see https://www.boston.gov/government/cabinets/boston-public-health-commission/covid-19-testing#testing-sites to find a testing site.

Don’t attend LibrePlanet in person if you are sick

Please perform a self-screening for symptoms before entering the venue. If you are not feeling well, please attend LibrePlanet remotely.


In the past forty-eight hours, did you:

  • feel feverish;
  • cough or have difficulty breathing;
  • have difficulty tasting or smelling; or
  • feel your muscle ache?
  • Yes? – Don’t enter the venue; please attend LibrePlanet remotely instead.
  • No? – next question, please

Have you tested positive for COVID in the last two days?

  • Yes? – Please don’t enter the venue; please attend LibrePlanet remotely instead.
  • No? – next question, please

In the last ten days, did you have close contact with anyone who had COVID-19 at that time?

  • Yes? – next question, please
  • No? We look forward to seeing you at LibrePlanet.

Was this close contact at least five full days ago and did you test negative five days after the close contact?

  • Yes? – Assuming you feel comfortable, we look forward to seeing you at LibrePlanet.
  • No? – Please don’t enter the venue; please attend LibrePlanet remotely instead.


We encourage anyone unable or unwilling to comply with COVID-19 requirements to attend the conference online. Please be advised that refusal to comply with the conference COVID-19 requirements may result in removal from the conference without a refund.

By attending LibrePlanet 2024, you agree to assume all risks of contracting COVID-19 and any related or unrelated health condition that may result from attending an in-person conference. You agree to hold the Free Software Foundation Inc., event organizers and volunteers, and any building staff blameless should contraction occur.