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Video sharing is important, over 23% of Internet users visit YouTube everyday to watch videos. We should be having a video-sharing website already. This project is to extend, or even to rewrite TinyOgg project (codenamed youogg).

General Details

Legal Details

  • It'll be licensed under GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or any later version.

Technical Details

  • Django provides a very powerful, flexible web development framework that we will use.
  • It should make use of free-software JavaScript, but also it should be usable in JavaScript-disabled browsers.
  • To save resources, it'll primarily be based on Fireogg in case the video itself isn't Ogg. Full instructions should be available for people who don't use a Mozilla-based browser on converting videos on different systems. Alternative ways (i.e. server-sided) for the sake of usability should be considered.