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The LibrePlanet Activists group is for all participants in the LibrePlanet Project! We operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.

Join us

To show that you are a LibrePlanet Activist, please:


  • Educate
    • Teach and mentor learners about free software, programming, and other areas of contributing to free software.
  • Advocate
    • Promote free software tools through projects, campaigns, and events.
  • Supply
    • Provide materials and increase the availability of free software.
  • Support
    • Offer help getting and using free software.
  • Unite
    • Bridge connections between free software activists and marginalized voices.


  • No current schedule for meetings.


  • Join a local LibrePlanet team. The LibrePlanet Empowermentors group is a safe space, but we also encourage folks to participate in other communities and try to make sure they are also welcoming and non-oppressive.
  • Join other radical groups and safe spaces. The LibrePlanet Empowermentors is a free software skillshare, and the knowledge you gain here is meant to be spread far and wide.



This page was a featured resource in January 2013.

LibrePlanet Activists
Note A group for free software activists
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Area Global
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