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Each month, we feature an interesting resource, group, or project in-progress on the front page of the wiki. Below is a list of all past featured resources on our wiki. You can suggest future featured resources on the Talk:Featured resources ___page___.

Once featured, the page should be labeled with Template:Featured resource.

Featured resource Date featured
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FreedSoftware May 2018
Hardware/Freest/e-readers April 2018
Free Javascript Action Team March 2018
GNU/Keysigning/Offers February 2018
About/Code of Conduct January 2018
Guix December 2017
Hardware/Replicant November 2017
LibrePlanet Rapid Responders October 2017
Translation September 2017
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2017 July 2017
Teams June 2017
Quotes May 2017
Activism Guide April 2017
Play Freedom/Non Ogg Sites January 2017
Media coverage December 2016
Design November 2016
Free Software Foundation/Ideas October 2016
Free Educational Software for Mobile Devices - Dynamic Table September 2016
Repository Ethics August 2016
Action items July 2016
Play Freedom/Ogg Friendly Sites June 2016
LibrePlanet Ontario April 2016
Libre Browsers Libre Formats February 2016
Giving Guide Suggestions January 2016
Fundraising November 2015
LibrePlanet Artists October 2015
Save WiFi August 2015
Incomplete pages July 2015
Incomplete pages July 2015
GPG guide June 2015
Conference/2015/Streaming May 2015
Day Against DRM - May 6th, 2015 April 2015
FSF/User Liberation Video Translation February 2015
LibrePlanet January 2015
Free Software Foundation/Licensing Volunteers/GPLv3 interviews November 2014
Guix/Wishlist October 2014
Hardware/Laptops Comparison September 2014
Community toolkit August 2014
IBM Thinkpad X60 July 2014
GPG guide/Public Review June 2014
Day Against DRM - May 6th, 2014 May 2014
Campaigns:JS Developers Task Force March 2014
Participate/Ideas February 2014
LibreDWG January 2014
Conference/2014/Conference brainstorm November 2013
GNU 30 media October 2013
GNU 30 satellite events September 2013
Defective by Design/Frequently Asked Questions August 2013
PRISM July 2013

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