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Each month, we feature an interesting resource, group, or project in-progress on the front page of the wiki. Below is a list of all past featured resources on our wiki. You can suggest future featured resources on the Talk:Featured resources ___page___.

Once featured, the page should be labeled with Template:Featured resource.

Featured resource Date featured
GPG guide June 2015
Activism Guide March 2015
FSF/User Liberation Video Translation February 2015
LibrePlanet January 2015
LibrePlanet Rapid Responders December 2014
Free Software Foundation/Licensing Volunteers/GPLv3 interviews November 2014
Hardware/Laptops Comparison September 2014
Community toolkit August 2014
IBM Thinkpad X60 July 2014
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2014 May 2014
Lobbying government April 2014
Campaigns:JS Developers Task Force March 2014
Participate/Ideas February 2014
LibreDWG January 2014
Conference/2014/Conference brainstorm November 2013
GNU 30 media October 2013
GNU 30 satellite events September 2013
Defective by Design/Frequently Asked Questions August 2013
PRISM July 2013
Defective By Design/Day Against DRM 2013 May 2013
End Software Patents April 2013
LibrePlanet Artists March 2013
Conference/2013/Program/Coreboot Install Party February 2013
LibrePlanet Activists January 2013
Free Software in Government December 2012
Conference/2013 November 2012
Windows 8 October 2012
FS Courses September 2012
Free Software Foundation/Licensing Volunteers August 2012
LibrePlanet Wiki Helpers July 2012
Defective by Design June 2012
LibrePlanet Gaming Collective May 2012
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2012 April 2012
Document Freedom Day 2012 March 2012
Conference/2012/LightningTalks February 2012
GNU Generation January 2012
LibrePlanet ÉTS December 2011
LibrePlanet Québec December 2011
Conference/2012/CFP November 2011
VPS October 2011
LibrePlanet.pt September 2011
LibrePlanet Italia September 2011
LibrePlanet.es September 2011
Sonar August 2011
OpenOfficeExtensions/List July 2011
Free System Distribution Checklist June 2011
Hardware/Directory Migration April 2011
Defective by Design/Day Against DRM 2011 March 2011
Conference/2011 January 2011
Women's Caucus November 2010

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