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LibrePlanet 2022 video transcripts (and future translations)

Watch the videos

Interested in transcribing a talk from LibrePlanet 2022? Transcripts help make videos accessible while paving the way for future translations

This page will list the transcripts of transcribed talks from LibrePlanet 2022. If you are transcribing a talk, feel free to create a new subpage for it, add the transcript there, and link to that subpage on this page.

Getting Started


The goal of this page is to help you collaborate to create a transcription and then translation files.

If you have a transcription file please create a new subpage so people don't duplicate your efforts. Then upload the transcription file using the 'Upload file' feature in the left hand column. (You need to have some edits to the wiki done to get this permission). You can also email <> with your file and we will add it for you.

In the subpage title please write the name of the video you are transcribing. Please have the transcription reviewed, verified, and signed by one other person if you can. When a transcription is ready please email and in the subject please put 'LP 2020 Transcription <Insert Title of video> is ready'. The campaigns team will then review and place the ready transcription for people to translate. (If at any point you have questions please email or ask in #libreplanet on

For translations please review the Transcriptions ready for Translation and select one. If you have created a translation file but already see another one there, it's up to you whether you'd like to upload yours and try to combine them or replace the existing one. If you haven't created a translation file yet and just want to help, review any existing translation files and offer your feedback. When a translation file is complete please email

Technical Specs

Please provide your translation in .srt format. There is a good introduction of how to structure text for a .srt file on Wikipedia:

Working on the Translation

Use the discussion page for your language page to give feedback on the translation, and also for general discussion and clearly communicate what you are doing.

Work towards the best translation possible, but please also be respectful of the work others have already done.

Transcription pages

This page was a featured resource in June 2022.