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One thing I feel is extremely important for the Free Software Foundation to get up and running is a website that explains the importance of Free Software to people who are new to free software. The website should illustrates very clearly the importance of free software, with a few initial SHORT arguments. It should have only the most important topics written in non-technical language.


  • Perhaps compile a list of the five most asked questions when people are new to free software.
-Why should I care?
-How do people make money?
-What does free software do that my (Mac, Windows, whatever) doesn't do?
  • I feel we need example for many of our explanations
  • Videos would be great
  • The site needs to be pretty and NOT messy

A couple of really nice sites which have similar aims are Software Liberty (Wayback machine) and Get Gnu Linux.

Ways to explain why free software matters:

From SFD GNOME post: Software Freedom is about a technology future that we can trust, that is sustainable, and that supports basic human freedoms. Untrusted electoral systems can lead to civil unrest and a lack of trust in governing bodies. Proprietary data formats can mean lockout to accessing our own information! Software Freedom can be maintained by transparent systems that are based on open, secure and sustainable standards including data formats and communication protocols.

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