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Coordination for software projects to fill the gaps in 100% free software GNU/Linux distributions. This mostly involves fixing freedom problems in existing free and almost-free software. This is the main page for the public facing, volunteer driven, endorsed/common distributions program.

GNU/Linux Libre - Freed Software

Coordinating freeing efforts, usually involving GNU/Linux, across multiple projects.

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Mailing List

Subscribe to our mailing list, which is also available via Gmane under the group: gmane.linux.distributions.gnu-linux-libre.

Related pages

  • Incoming distros Describes the overall process, tracks active reviews, potential reviews, and abandoned reviews.
  • FSDG Checklist Template This is the standard GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines (FSDG) fitness checklist template for Software Distributions (distros) seeking FSF endorsement.
  • FSDG Review Guide This is a checklist of practical steps you can take to see whether or not a particular distribution complies with the Free System Distribution Guidelines.
  • Endorsed distros This is where a reviewed OS is listed if it meets the FSDG and is deemed a fully free OS.
  • Common distros This is where a reviewed OS is listed if it fails to meet the FSDG. Each entry includes a reason why it failed.
  • Software blacklist Is used to track packages with some kind of issue for distributions but are trying to follow the Free System Distribution Guidelines.
  • Periodic Distro Status Review Is used to track newly discovered issues which need resolution to maintain the endorsed status of a given OS.

IRC in the #gnu-linux-libre channel


Free GNU/Linux distributions

Current rolling

  1. GuixSD, Guix System Distribution is an advanced GNU/Linux distro built on top of GNU Guix (pronounced “geeks”), a purely functional package manager for the GNU system.
  2. Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, a distribution based on Arch that prioritizes simple package and system management. Based on a Keep It Simple Stupid principle (Minimalism/aerospace/avionic)
  3. PureOS, a rolling GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian testing, oriented to small enterprises, domestic users and educational centers. GNOME shell featured

Current stable

  1. Dragora, an independent GNU/Linux distribution based on concepts of simplicity.
  2. Hyperbola, a fully free long-term support distribution based on Arch snapshots and Debian development, with special emphasis on stability, privacy, security and init freedom.
  3. Trisquel, an LTS GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian stable, oriented to small enterprises, domestic users and educational centers. MATE, Unity, LXDE desktops featured.

Incoming distributions

See the Incoming distros for more details.


  1. BLAG Linux and GNU, a free GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora.
  2. Dynebolic, a GNU/Linux distribution, with special emphasis on audio and video editing.
  3. gNewSense, a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu, with sponsorship from the FSF.
  4. Musix GNU+Linux, a GNU+Linux distribution based on Knoppix, with special emphasis on audio production.
  5. Ututo, GNU/Linux ready to use and optimized for each processor performance. It was the first fully free GNU/Linux system recognized by the GNU Project.

Linux distributions

Mozilla distributions

  • GNUzilla and IceCat - Gnuzilla is the GNU version of the Mozilla suite, and GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser. Its main advantage is an ethical one: it is entirely free software.

Live USB creator

  • FUSBi, the Free USB Installer, downloads free GNU/Linux Distributions for you and creates bootable USB images.

OpenOffice and LibreOffice extensions

Hackers involved

I will add the current list members as soon as I have some time, but please, add yourself!

Name Project(s) Email nick home channels
Ali Gündüz Linux-libre, Freedom Shoppe, FUSBi aligunduz AT gnufs #linux-libre #gnewsense #fsf
André Silva Hyperbola Co-Founder emulatorman AT Emulatorman #hyperbola
Aurélien DESBRIÈRES Group: Libre-Kernel ex-packager & receipe editor,
Free Software Corsica Hackers laboratory for robotics, Parabola GNU/Linux packager
aurelien AT aurelien #linux-libre #parabola #gnewsense
Christian Bryant GNU OS + GNU Linux-libre buildmaster christian AT christianabryant #gnulinuxlibre #linux-libre #gnewsense #fsf #libreplanet
Graziano Sorbaioli gNewSense Community Manager and contributor, LibrePlanet Italia founder graziano AT graziano #gnewsense #gnewsense-dev #libreplanet #lp-it
Joshua Haase Parabola GNU/Linux Developer hahj87 AT xihh #trisquel #parabola
Nicolás Reynolds Parabola GNU/Linux Developer fauno AT fauno #parabola
Rubén Rodríguez FreedSoftware coordinator,
Trisquel GNU/Linux main developer
ruben AT quidam #trisquel

Please keep the table in order by first name alphabetical. Bold any references to this project. Unless otherwise noted "nick" and "channels" refer to Libera.Chat irc. Feel free to make the table less ugly :-)

Another source of information on who is involved is the gnu-linux-libre Subscribers list.

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