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July 2017 Distro Review

Maintenance Issues

the following Libre Distros have some issues that need resolving:


broken website link

website is still available at

  • 2017-07-06 - sent email to asking about this
  • 2017-07-18 - jaormil updated the DNS to redirect properly


the latest version of ututo is based on ubuntu rather than gentoo as with previous versions

  • 2017-07-06 - sent email via website asking what they would prefer the listing to read
  • 2017-07-07 - Diego Saravia answered they are not convinced to stay based on ubuntu for the next version so it would be best if it read like this:
 Ututo-S is a GNU/Linux 100% free distribution.  It was the first fully free GNU/Linux system recognized by the GNU Project.


the download links for both 32-bit and 64-bit ISOs are not resonding

NOTE: these are (were?) actually hosted on the FSF FTP server


the users in the proteanos-dev IRC channel say that the developer has not been heard from in quite some time and they have reached the consensus that the project is essentially abandoned

LibreJS/javascript issues

the following Libre Distros have some pages on their websites where LibreJS complains:



these seem to be limited to the wiiki site

reported on mailing list

There's an issue that was found thanks to the mailing list thread mentioned above. The issue referenced is also mentioned in the mailing list topic.


Adfeno couldn't find the repository where they keep their website source files. However, Adfeno decided to check if MoinMoin itself presented the issues.

From the webpage source, it seems that they are using a mix of MoinMoin version 1.9.3 and 1.9.4 (assumed so because of moin_static193 and moin_static194 directories).

The file couldn't be found in gNewSense website. Only the 1.9.4 counterpart could.

Adfeno took the source files of MoinMoin 1.9.3 and concluded that all the issues raised by GNU LibreJS are caused by MoinMoin itself, namely the file at MoinMoin/theme/

One must note however that the only page tested so far was the download page of the gNewSense website.