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about us

LibrePlanet Denver is a group of activists organized around furthering the ideals of free/libre software and related issues concerning digital rights as necessary means for a free society. we operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.


  • unite
    • bridge connections between activists, users, and contributors in the free/libre software community.
  • advocate
    • promote free/libre software ideals through education, campaigns, and events.
  • advance
    • build and contribute to free/libre software code, documentation, and design.
  • encourage
    • welcome all interested people to free/libre software, and help motivate and increase their involvement.
  • assist
    • provide support and guidance for people using and contributing to free/libre software.
  • focus
    • keep focus on free/libre software as an ethical social movement, more than just a way of producing software.


  • there are currently no scheduled meetings but you could attend an open house at your local hacker/maker space:
    • the creator of LibrePlanet Denver holds an active membership at denhac and is willing to hold scheduled meetings at this space once we gain 6+ members.





  • IRC: #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat
  • email the group leader (Robbie) via email:
    • GnuPG fingerprint: E3B6 F7BD 9D53 B96E E453 599A A4C0 025C 07E4 97E9
  • mailing list cannot be established until we reach 6 members according to the LibrePlanet Teams Help Wiki


LibrePlanet Denver
Note IRC: #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat
Region North America
Area United States of America
Members 2
Description software freedom activists
Current status ACTIVE
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LibrePlanet Denver