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LibrePlanet Denver is a group of activists and other volunteers who advocate for the ideals of free/libre software as an ethical social movement and digital rights as a necessary means for a free society.
We operate in accordance with the LibrePlanet Mission Statement and Code of Conduct.


  • Unite
    • Bridge connections between free/libre software activists, users, and contributors regardless of location and culture
  • Encourage
    • Welcome those new to the free/libre concept and help to provide guidance via education, campaigns, and events
  • Advance
    • Build and contribute to free/libre software code, documentation, and design

Starting Point

  • Where to Begin?
    • The Freedom Ladder is a resource that you can use to begin adopting free/libre software at your own pace.
      • Switching to using a GNU/Linux Operating System (OS) from other proprietary options (Windows, MacOS) involves a learning curve - we are here to provide you with help and support.


No meetings are currently scheduled - we will hold routine meetings once LibrePlanet Denver reaches 6 members - see the Join section below!
For now, feel free to chat on our secure IRC channel (#LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN) on Libera.Chat (we monitor this channel daily). You may also consider attending an open house at your local hacker/maker space - denhac, or visit the Software Freedom School near Denver, Colorado.
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  • Plans for the Future...
    • We would like to inspire the community to get involved through fun and creative activities that showcase the power and convenience of Free/Libre Software and the Right to Repair, such as:
      • Electronics and Amateur Radio
        • Getting a Ham Radio license
        • Communication with the ISS and Satellites like ARISS
        • RC aircraft and drones
        • Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects
        • Soldering
        • Cabling/RJ45 termination
        • GNU/Linux router firmware flash/setup
      • Setting up Servers
        • Websites using Free/Libre Software
        • Running your own email server
        • Creating your own forum, blog, or Content Management System (CMS)
        • Jitsi Meet video chat software installation
        • Become a Tor Relay Operator
      • Cyber Security
        • Penetration Testing concepts and methods
        • Proper techniques to Secure your computer or server
        • How to use Encryption
        • Ethical Hacking
      • What do you want to do?



  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat. We monitor this channel daily.
  • Email macrohumanity (Robbie, group leader):
    • GnuPG encryption fingerprint: E3B6 F7BD 9D53 B96E E453 599A A4C0 025C 07E4 97E9
  • Email Gnuamua (Andrew):
    • GnuPG encryption fingerprint: CDF6 AE62 7AF9 EE8E 7D3B AA2E F987 C312 7D84 8B50
  • Mailing list will we established once we reach 6 members. Reference: LibrePlanet Teams Help Wiki


1. Support the Free Software Foundation with a paid membership or create a non-member account at no cost.
2. Include this badge on your user profile, add {{user Denver}} to the bottom of your user profile.
example: macrohumanity.
note: your username will also be automatically included in the LibrePlanet Denver Members list (see below) once the LibrePlanet Denver badge has been added to your user profile.
LP-D This user is a member of LibrePlanet Denver
LibrePlanet Denver

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LibrePlanet Denver
Note IRC: #LibrePlanet-US-CO-DEN on Libera.Chat
Region North America
Area United States of America
Available language(s) English
Members 2
Description Free society activists
Current status ACTIVE