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If you would like to organize and lead a LibrePlanet team, this page should have everything you need to get started.

Getting Started

Before you create the team

If you are starting a local team, first navigate to your LibrePlanet Local Teams List to see if there is already a chapter in the area.

Please join global communication channels to keep all local efforts in contact.

Local Team Naming Standards

Student groups should just be LibrePlanet followed by the name of the school. Local teams can cover as large of an area as the team organizers can handle planning meeting, events, and activities for. For example, the UK Team may have a single group for the entire country, but there may also be groups for smaller areas within the country. Smaller teams are not obligated to work under larger ones. All LibrePlanet Teams should use the name of their location in their own language.

Local teams should create a mailing list and IRC channel with their ISO country code appended to the end.

United States teams should append the two-letter US Postal Code abbreviation for the relevant state (e.g. LibrePlanet-US-MA).

Canadian teams should append the Canadian Province or Territory abbreviation for the relevant province (e.g. LibrePlanet-CA-ON, LibrePlanet-CA-PEI).

Setting up your team resources

Every team should have a space on this wiki, a mailing list, and an IRC channel. You may set up additional resources.


When starting your team, we recommend you create a page on the wiki which can act as your homepage. See the Massachusetts Team page for an example. See for instructions on how to create a new MediaWiki page. New users to this wiki have to make a few edits and wait a few days before they can create new pages. Ask the LibrePlanet Wiki Helpers if you need help, or they can create the page for you if you are too new.

Your wiki should have the following sections:

  • Introduction - an introduction to the group, what you want to do, what you want to achieve and other things.
  • Declaration - a sentence stating that the group operates in accordance with LP's mission statement, code of conduct, and rules and guidelines.
  • Join - how to join the team

Be sure to include:

[[is entity::group| ]]<br/> [[organized around::location| ]]

and adopt the following:

[[country::Australia| ]]<br/> [[continent::Oceania| ]]

Be sure to go to the Local & Student Teams List and add your group there! Navigate to the region which your team covers, and add a main section at the top directing people to the team. See Massachusetts, USA as an example.

Badges like this one for the LibrePlanet Massachusetts team identify users using Semantic MediaWiki. Ask the LibrePlanet Wiki Helpers if you need help.

Mailing List

Mailing lists are hosted by LibrePlanet at and each team should have one as the main communication channel for discussion and group coordination. Email to request the creation of a mailing list with the the following information and the list should be created within 2 weeks.

  • List name
  • Wiki page
  • IRC Channel
  • Admin (your) email
  • List of 5 email members.

Note: if there is less than 6 people we consider that a mailing list is not needed for the moment. Regular mail exchange will do it.

IRC Channel

IRC is a great way for the team to have real-time discussions about the group. You should register a channel on the libera IRC network:

  1. Register your IRC nickname
  2. Register the IRC channel

Starter Pack

Email for a Super Sticker Mega Multi Pack, membership sign-up cards, copies of the FSF Bulletin, and flyers!

Additional Resources

You may find the following projects helpful for organizing your team

Ideas for Projects

Make use of the Free Software Foundation's resources page for free software activists, or volunteer on one of the FSF's campaigns.

Announce the team

Making a big-as-possible announcement about the formation of your team is essential for the initial recruiting process.

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