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Accommodations during LibrePlanet

Are you looking for a place to stay during LibrePlanet? Do you want to room with like-minded individuals? Do you want to host a LibrePlanet attendee or speaker? This is your place to let others know! Use the following information to describe what you are looking for or what you can offer. Then email so that we can connect you with people who are interested in staying with you or in offering accommodation.


Your name (not required)

What you should know about me

Description of the type of accommodation (sleeper couch, separate room ...)

Approximate location (district)

I/we offer a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2023

I/we are looking for a place to stay during LibrePlanet 2023

Hello everyone, I'm Kevin.

I'll be travelling from Puerto Rico to Boston to speak at the conference this weekend. I was wondering if there is any room left for March 17th. Thanks, Kevin Shockey Executive Director of Ahora

Please email if you can host Kevin.

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