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Lightning talks at LibrePlanet

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Lightning talks are five-minute presentations given by conference attendees on free software topics they're passionate about.

If you would like to give a lightning talk at LibrePlanet 2023: Charting the Course

  • Please list a title, a short description, and (optionally) your name to the list below.

LibrePlanet 2023 talk proposals

Put your talk here, please, using the template above.


 * ZubHub, a new documentation & collaboration platform for activity-based learning
 * ZubHub is a free & open source educational tool. We envision this to be used as a Wikipedia-like collaborative encyclopedia for activity-based learning. It is available for custom use for schools, libraries, hackerspaces, educational organizations, etc. Imagine that all these institutions can host their own ZubHub to build their online community around their educational activities.
 * Astha Sethi

First Device

 * “the First Device:” a utopian re-enchantment towards technological recovery 
 * Raising questions around what a utopian or ethically designed first information device for our young, might look or feel like. A thought experiment bringing together elements from the work of Richard M. Stallman and the FSF, Silvia Federici, and Luiz Guilherme Vergara. 
 * Chrystalleni Loizidou - Cultural Studies PhD, Coorganiser of "Free/Libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons Unconference, 2019;" Coordinator of the parents cooperative. 


 * REUSE: The gold standard of communicating licensing and copyright information
 * Speaker: Lina Ceballos - Policy Project Manager & REUSE coordinator at FSFE
 * Developing, using, and re-using Free Software is fun, but dealing with licensing and copyright information is not. REUSE changes that. With three simple steps, it makes adding and reading licensing and copyright information easy for both humans and machines. In this presentation, Lina Ceballos will guide us through the REUSE principles and will show us how to make licensing clear and simple.


 * alisp, a lisp implementation
 * alisp is a lisp interpreter. It's written in C89 with minimal dependencies. I will probably add native compilation in the future. It's free software under GPL version 3 or later.
 * Andrea Monaco


 * Quiet: a free p2p alternative to Slack and Discord built on IPFS and Tor, not servers.
 * Quiet is a peer-to-peer team chat app that doesn't require servers, instead using Tor and IPFS to sync data between a community's own devices. We're building Quiet because most people don't have servers, so if free software tools for communication and collaboration depend on servers, most people will still be depending on others for their computing and they won't be fully free. This talk will show Quiet, and make the case for peer-to-peer free software collaboration tools.
 * Holmes Wilson - co-founder of and former FSF campaign manager.


 * Share-A-Map - Organic Maps for the web
 * Share-A-Map a self-hosted OpenStreetMap application built for the platform that allows you to plan trips with your friends. It's inspired by Organic Maps, which lets you download regions of the map to your phone and navigate privately. Share-A-Map lets you easily download regions of the map to your own server. All activity is between your own server and the users.
 * Daniel Krol

More info

  • To ensure a conference that's safe and fun for everyone, we take our Safe Space Policy very seriously. We'd appreciate it if you looked it over before planning your presentation.
  • There are many conferences focused on "open source," and we're proud that people come to LibrePlanet to be part of the free software movement. In your presentations, please use the term "free software" rather than "open source", to help us keep LibrePlanet focused on computer-user freedom. We appreciate it, and your audience will too.
  • You can choose whether you want to have your lightning talk in person or online.

For remote lightning talks: Submit a recorded lightning talk by March 3

  • Record a 5-minute max. video. If you can't reduce your talk to 5 minutes, do not hesitate to upload. We may still find a spot for it but we can't guarantee it.
  • Please upload your video no later than March 3. If you didn't make this deadline, do not hesitate to upload, who knows, we may still find a spot for it but we can't guarantee it.

The lightning talks will be streamed and posted online.

For in-person lightning talks: Submit your slides by March 7

  • Upload your slides for LibrePlanet 2023: Charting the Course by following the upload instructions and uploading slides in a free format.
  • Please make sure your slides are in PDF format, not LibreOffice (and, of course, please definitely not in PowerPoint).
  • Please upload your slides no later than March 7. If you didn't make this deadline, do not hesitate to upload, who knows, we may still find a spot for it but we can't guarantee it.
  • As a precautionary measure, also bring your slides on a USB drive to your talk.


If you have questions, please send an email with your question to campaigns at fsf dot org.

Our tips for an awesome lightning talk:

  • Be as selective as possible with what you cover. (In our experience, a five-minute talk cannot cover what a fifteen-minute talk covers and still be effective.)
  • Use a large, reader-friendly font for all your slides.
  • Keep the number of your slides low.
  • Do not visually overload your slides.

Watch past LibrePlanet Lightning talks for inspiration:

Lightning talks at LibrePlanet

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