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Please follow the instructions below to submit a video for an FSF event, including LibrePlanet or an FSF anniversary event.

1. Install FileZilla

If you are using Trisquel GNU/Linux, you can install with "apt-get install filezilla".

If you are on Guix System, or a GNU/Linux distribution where the Guix package manager is available, you can install FileZilla with "guix install filezilla".

Otherwise, you can download the client from here: FileZilla.

2. Connect to our FTP server

  • Open FileZilla
  • In the "host" field near the top of the window, enter ""
  • Username: anonymous
  • Port: 21
  • Click "Quickconnect"
  • When the window that says that the host key is unknown, select the check box next to "Always trust this host", then click OK

You should now be connected. Troubleshoot: if the connection fails the first attempt, please check the host name is exactly as described above, not including "ftp" or any additional text.*

3. Upload your video to our FTP server

Drag and drop video file you want to upload from the left hand file tree into the "upload-here" folder in the right side pane.

4. When you are done uploading

Confirm your submission with speaker release by emailing the following video release form to

Video release form:

We need your release form to be able to use and publish your video for the event. Please copy and paste the following text into your email to

I agree that my presentation at the LibrePlanet is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The Free Software Foundation ("FSF") may capture audio and video (a "Recording") of my presentation and any associated materials.

I authorize FSF to distribute, reproduce, publicly display, and prepare derivative works of the Recording and any derivative works of the Recording (the "Licensed Materials") under the terms of the following license:

[ ] Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA)

I grant to FSF permission to use my name, likeness, and biographic information in association with its use of the Licensed Materials under the above license.

I represent that I have the authority to grant the above license to FSF. If my presentation incorporates any material owned by third parties, I represent that the material is sublicensable to FSF or that my use of them is fair use.

This Release is governed by United States and international copyright law and by the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.