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Suggest Followzup to free the JavaScript used throught all the website.

This contact page was supposed to be useful, although it's limited to some length of characters, so we are forced to make use of the email addressess available in the output of the whois command instead.

Here is the template of the message:

Hi, I'm a big fan of your services, and I have some suggestions to make:

Is it possible to free/liberate the JavaScript code that your service and website requires the visitors to use/run?

This is needed because, most JavaScript applications are used *client-side*, so in order for society to be free and fair/just, the visitors have to receive the following essential freedoms:

0. The freedom to use the program, for any purpose.

1. The freedom to study and adapt the program, when and as he wishes. Without being required to send changes back to the original project.

2. The freedom to redistribute (share and/or sell) original copies.

3. The freedom to redistribute (share and/or sell) copies of his adaptations.

When computer programs respect these freedoms, it can be considered as free/libre (as in freedom, not price).

Since your website and service deliver JavaScript code to the visitors, one must also make sure that the users receive such freedoms:


You can follow this references to know how to free/liberate the JavaScript code being used:



If you are not sure whether your website or service require JavaScript code to be used by the client, please check for such information on the projects in which your project depends on.

Note: We are *not* asking for you to remove *all* JavaScript code. Because this move would cause more issues to the visitors.