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The 11:50-12:35 session block on Sunday is reserved for birds of a feather sessions. BoFs are when a group gets together to talk about a particular shared interest, project, or problem.

We have five spaces available for BoFs: 32-123, 32-141, 32-144, 32-155, and 26-142.

In the event there is more interest in running BoFs than there is space available: If you want to attend one, please add yourself (or something representing you) below its title. We'll announce BoFs and locations Sunday morning.






Theme/Topic Liberating the education system

Organizer(s) Mariah Noelle Villarreal

Description Educators, youth workers, caretakers and friends will discuss the challenges and successes in making and using free software with youth as learning tools. We will document our experiences in an effort to share best practices.

If you're reading this beforehand, try to think of what you'd like to share with the group and a direct action for the group to do for next steps like sharing the EFF's "Tips for Parents Concerned About Student Privacy" with parents in our communities.


Attendees Steven D. Brewer


Theme/Topic Free and Open Source Geospatial Technology

Organizer(s) Guido Stein @guidos: Co-Chair FOSS4G Boston 2017 Calvin Metcalf: Human


Geospatial and location information has become a first class citizen in many databases and also become paramount for data analysis related to mobile data analysis. Please join us for a general conversation around free and open source solutions to geospatial technology.

One more thing. The International "Free and Open Source for Geospatial" FOSS4G conference is going to be in Boston in August. Guido Stein, Co-Chair, will be in attendance and happy to answer any questions.


Theme/Topic Peer-to-peer Crypto-Social Networking

Organizer(s) Charles Lehner


Want to get away from proprietary centralized social network websites? Want to be in control of your digital identity, cryptographically, without being beholden to servers? Come check out the peer-to-peer decentralized trust-based cryptographic social network, Scuttlebutt. Meet some peers and gossip some messages, and see how we treat privacy, security, and freedom.


- Lilas DInh


THEME/TOPIC Collective Action for Political Change
ORGANIZER: Shauna Gordon-McKeon


Tech is having a pervasive effect on politics. At LibrePlanet, we've been discussing topics like privacy, automation, online news, algorithmic bias and more.

The focus of this BoF is on collective actions that the tech community can take to try and address these issues, including but not limited to unionization, hiring boycotts, and codes of ethics.

Tables next to 32-123

Theme/Topic Cryptotable

Organizer(s) Steve Revilak on behalf of

Description Cryptoparty at a table! We welcome people to drop in and out, and talk about privacy enhancing technologies; how to fight back against surveillance; threat modeling (i.e., the kinds of things you'd want to protect yourself from), and other topics related to privacy and digital security. We can demonstrate -- or better, help you set up -- free software to accomplish these goals. Of course, we can sign PGP keys too.




Organizer(s) Salt

Description is a crowdmatching platform for public goods, we combine the best parts of various crowdfunding solutions, add some magic, and intend to solve the funding problem. Join us as (some) team members meet in person for the first time and discuss future steps. Also, stickers!


Lunch & Dinner

Interested in organizing a BoF lunch or dinner for LibrePlanet 2017 conference attendees? Sign up below using the following template:

Don't know where to eat? We have some ideas:



Where to meet:

When to meet:




Friday Night

Women's Dinner

Meet at the FSF @ 7:45, or the restaurant @ 8.

Chau Chow City, 83 Essex St, Boston, MA

RSVP: <>

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Lunch

Annual FSF Member's Meeting

Organized by Deborah Nicholson and Valerie Young

Room 32-155

12:35 - 13:50

RSVP Annual Members Meeting 2017

Recurse Center - alums, participants, and interested folks

Organized by Moritz Neeb

Meet at coffee/water near registration desk

12:35 - 13:50

Sunday Dinner