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Ceata is a community that supports and promotes free software and free culture in the digital society and is dedicated to furthering free arts and technologies among Romanian-speakers. In the nearly four years of activity, members of the community, contributors from various fields, have launched several projects and have organized many events, including Document Freedom Day, Software Freedom Day, and Culture Freedom Day.

Free Software

We believe that any user should have the freedom to use, copy, study, modify and distribute software without any restrictions. These freedoms of users are important because they determine our ability to control the technology that we use and to participate equally in the development of the digital society. These freedoms give us the opportunity to learn, collaborate and jointly develop technologies employed to serve the interests and needs of each of us, guaranteeing democratic principles in a modern society.

Free Culture

We also believe that arts and cultural works should be free, so that anyone can copy, improve and share them, make derivative works or use them for any purpose. These freedoms are important because they give equal access and equal participation in the culture of the society.


Artistic and technological works released under a free license can be used, studied, modified and distributed by anyone for any purpose, without prior permission from the authors. Ceata uses strong copyleft licenses for the works of its members, so that once free, the works would stay free of restrictions and their authors would be credited for their contributions.


We credit Sorin-Mihai Vârgolici for this nice presentation of Ceata community.
Note Fundația Ceata
Region Romania and Moldova
Mailing list http://liste.ceata.org (main: Gâlceava)
Website http://ceata.org
Available language(s) Romanian, English
Contact sfat@liste.ceata.org
Members 100
Description The Free Software & Free Culture Romanian Activist Group
Current status Active