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Dehardun GNU/ Linux User Group Hello Everyone This is the new mailing list for Dehradun GNU/Linux User Group. There are several reasons why we have shifted to the new mailing list. First of all yahoo groups was banned by the government of India recently. In order to avoid getting troubled by further such activities, it was necessary to change the list. Moreover in yahoo groups, you need to have a yahoo account to recieve the mails. But in this new mailing list you can recieve the mails in any of the rediff or indiatimes account. And above all....This is a GNU based mass mailing program. You can download it freely from the net. Most of the groups in the GNU/Linux community uses the Mailman based mailing lists. I think most of you must have got your passwords of the mailing list account. If anyone has not recieved the password then they can go to Dehardun GLUG wiki page